SimplyScherri Work Tools

Scherri Woodard

The owner and artist behind SimplyScherri

I have always had a passion for making crafts. In 2009 I was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. After a full year of fighting, I emerged with an enhanced passion! When a close friend introduced me to making jewelry, I knew then what I wanted to do. From starting off with simple bead stringing to polymer clay and then to metalsmithing classes–My jewelry making business was off and running!

Through the years, I am grateful and fortunate to have been mentored by incredible instructors at Anne Mitchell of Albuquerque, NM and the Boulder Metalsmithing Association in Boulder, CO. I also continue, to this day, to perfect and grow my craft through online metalsmithing classes. I find there is so much to learn as I strive to provide the highest quality handmade jewelry to my customers.

Scherri Woodard

Most of my days I can be found in my shop crafting handmade jewelry. I find it most relaxing to create. From trying different gemstones with different metals, time does not pass without a new creation taking life. With all that I have learned through the years, I have never found as much joy in anything as I do in jewelry making, specifically metalsmithing. While I don’t do much bead work anymore, I very much enjoy revisiting the medium that started my journey, from time to time–I find it keeps me grounded in my humble beginnings.

Handcrafted Jewelry